Prayer is an important part of life no matter what faith we profess or what walk of life we are in. As Christians and Catholics we are called upon to pray daily following the example of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. He himself, as is found in Sacred Scripture, prayed often in the synagogue and also went off on his own to pray to God the Father. The prayer which he left us – the Our Father or the Lord’s Prayer – is probably the best known prayer around the world. We are called upon to begin and end our day with prayer to God. These prayers need not be long and lavish but may be quite simple taking but a couple of minutes of our time. They may also be quite personal and in our own words rather than having to recite prayers which we have learned. The choice is ours but the important thing is that we pray.

In the links below there are various prayers given as aids to those who may seek them. It is far from an exhaustive list but may be of use to you or to somebody you know.

The Holy Father's Intentions for the month of May 2021
Universal: The World of Finance: Let us pray that those in charge of finance will work with governments to regulate the financial sphere and protect citizens from its dangers.

The Holy Father will also add a second intention relating to current events or urgent needs.
At this time we include special prayers each day for the doctors, nurses and medical professionals working to treat and save the lives of those infected by the coronavirus Covid-19. We pray too for the other frontline staff working to support people, for those who have been infected by the virus, for the happy repose of those who have died of the disease and the comfort of their families. We remember all those who are worried, anxious, afraid and alone in these difficult days and months.

Reflections on the Daily Readings used at Mass
At Mass every day we listen to readings taken from Sacred Scripture. Every week, reflections on these readings are added to this website so that those who hear and who read the passages each day may - in a small way - be able to better appreciate and understand the Word of God.


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Lectio Divina

Would you like us to pray for you?
The Carmelites are committed to praying at particular times each day and to attending the Eucharist. At these times they remember those who asked for prayers and those who have died as well as the needs of the local community and the universal Church. If you have a particular prayer intention and would liked to be remembered in our prayers please feel free to email Bro. Elias ( with the words 'Prayer Request' in the subject line.