Carmel in the World
2005. Volume XLIV, Numbers 1 & 2

  • If you Love me…
  • Pope John Paul II: A Personal Appreciation
  • A Death in the Family
  • The Legacy of John Paul II to the Carmelite Order
  • Rooted in the Bible: A Reflection on the use of the Old Testament in the Documents of Pope John Paul II
  • Pope John Paul II and the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • The Philosopher Pope: Pope John Paul II & the Human Person (below)
  • Pastoral Praying: John Paul II and Justice
  • Pope John Paul II and Women: A Conversation
  • Pope John Paul II: Role Model for Lay Carmelites
  • Pope John Paul II: Doctrine and Dissent
  • Carmel around the World

Simon F. Nolan, O. Carm.

Both editions were put together to create a special edition to mark the death of Pope John Paul II.

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