Carmel Around the World Today

The Carmelite Order has its headquarters, or Curia, in Rome. Here, the Prior General lives and works with his General Council to oversee the running of the Order. The world is divided into Provinces (such as the Irish Province) which covers a particular geographical area. Each Province is independent and is headed by a Prior Provincial. Areas which have not been raised to the status of Province are known as General Commissariates and General Delegations, depending on size. In time, as they grow in numbers and strength, these too will become Provinces. Each Province holds a Chapter every three years to elect its new officials and set out its vision for the coming three years. The General Chapters, at which the Prior General and his Council are elected, take place every six years and are attended by the heads of the Provinces, Commissariates and Delegations along with elected delegates from each.

Today the Order is made up of the following Provinces, General Commissariates and General Delegations:




North America/Canada

South America

  • Zimbabwe (Province of Ireland & Zimbabwe)
  • Kenya (General Delegation)

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