Assumption in a heartbeat

David Twohig, O.Carm. August 2007.

How long have you been with me,
Whispering in my heart?
Still there’s so much I don’t know.
So much I haven’t asked.

When I ponder on your lifetime,
My mind it often wanders,
Fastening tight upon him,
As it seems you always wanted.

Yet before the world beheld him,
Your body was his temple.
Reverent in its silence,
There, two hearts beat as one.

How many were the tears you cried?
How much did you see?
Watching him with others,
How much had been revealed?

Your silence and your longing,
A gale must yield to calm,
Each rainstorm has an ending,
As waves break on the sands.

They say you cried the day he died,
Did your heart still beat for two?
Or did you long to not go on,
to know not what to do?

But now it’s me who must stand back,
And let the calm assuage me,
To cease to see me in your place,
And let your peace pervade me.

It was not how I imagined,
Your heart was keeping watch.
Others sought for his return,
You waited for his call.

And when his gentle whisper came,
Your watch was at its end,
Your heartbeat growing stronger,
The temple was prepared.

Like awakening from a dream,
His face, your eyes did see,
Assumption in a heartbeat,
His glory stood revealed.

Entirety in unity,
A flame within the sun,
In concert in Eternity,
Two hearts beat as one.