Carmelite Saints & Blesseds

The Carmelite Order has been blessed throughout its history with men and women outstanding in zeal for God and the spread of his Word wherever they have found themselves. Some of these have been elevated by Mother Church to the ranks of the Blesseds and Saints. Those remembered by the Order of Carmelites on particular days in the liturgical calendar are given here.

3        St Kuriakos Elias Chavara, Priest
8        St Peter Thomas, Bishop
9        St Andrew Corsini, Bishop
29        Bl Archangela Girlani, Virgin

1        Bl Candelaria of St Joseph, Virgin

19        St Joseph, Principal Protector of the Order
20        Bl Francis Palau y Quer, Priest

17        Bl Baptist Spagnoli of Mantua, Priest

5        St Angelus, Priest & Martyr
8        Bl Aloysius Rabatà, Priest
9        St George Preca, Priest
16        St Simon Stock, Religious
22        St Joachina de Vedruna de Mas, Religious
25        St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, Virgin

12        Bl Hilary Januszewski, Priest & Martyr
14        St Elisha, Prophet

4        Bl Maria Crocifissa Curcio, Religious
9        Bl Jane Scopelli, Virgin
13        St Teresa of Jesus of 'Los Andes', Virgin
17        Bl Teresa of St Augustine and Companions, Virgins & Martyrs
20        St Elijah, Prophet and our Father
24        Bl John Soreth, Priest
26        Sts Joachim and Anne, Protectors of our Order
27        Bl Titus Brandsma, Priest & Martyr

7        St Albert of Trapani, Priest
12        Bl Isidor Bakanja, Martyr
17        Bl Angelus Augustine Mazzinghi, Priest
25        St Mary of Jesus Crucified, Virgin
26        Bl Jacques Retouret, Priest & Martyr

1        St Teresa Margaret Redi, Virgin
17        St Albert of Jerusalem, Bishop and Lawgiver of Carmel

1        St Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Virgin & Doctor of the Church
15        St Teresa of Jesus (Teresa of Avila), Virgin & Doctor of the Church

5        Bl Frances d’Amboise, Religious
8        St Elizabeth of the Trinity, Virgin
14        All Carmelite Saints
19        St Raphael Kalinowski, Priest
29        Bls Denis and Redemptus, Martyrs

5        Bl Bartholomew Fanti, Priest
14        St John of the Cross, Priest & Doctor of the Church